Fulfill General Education Requirements with WGS Courses

WGS and our affiliated faculty in other departments currently offer over a dozen courses that students can count towards both General Education requirements and the WGS concentration or secondary field. Consult our current lists of WGS courses and approved courses from other departments to see which of the courses below are offered in a given year.

Offered in 2020-2021

  • EXPOS 20 Expository Writing 20-The Femme Fatale (Mitchell)
  • EXPOS 20 Expository Writing 20-Language, Identity, and Power (Schwab)
  • EXPOS 20 Expository Writing 20-Modern Love (Doherty)
  • EXPOS 20 Expository Writing 20-Telling Her Story: Narrative, Media, and #MeToo (Gold)
  • GENED 1036 Global Feminisms (Mitra) counts for WGS History Foundation and GenEd: Histories, Societies, Individuals 
  • GENED 1073 Guns in the U.S.: A Love Story (Light)
  • GENED 1130 Power to the People: Black Power, Radical Feminism, and Gay Liberation (Bronski) counts for WGS History Foundation