Avanti Adhia

Avanti Adhia

Graduate Tutor
Sc.D. candidate, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Harvard School of Public Health

Dissertation topic
My dissertation will examine the predictors of adolescent dating violence in the United States and its short and long-term health effects with a focus on how social inequalities change both the experience of violence and resources available to recover. 

Research methods:
Statistical analyses (linear regression, logistic regression, longitudinal data analysis using claims data, multilevel data analysis); Qualitative research methods (focus groups) and analyses/coding; Literature reviews

Areas of interest:
Social epidemiology, sexual assault, gender-based violence, domestic/intimate partner violence, adolescent health, maternal and child health, health disparities, injury prevention, gender norms, trauma

Additional information:
I received a B.S. in Applied Mathematics (with a minor in Economics) from Columbia University. My interests in violence prevention extend outside of the research arena. I am a certified rape crisis counselor and volunteer on the hotline for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. I have also been working on sexual assault prevention initiatives at the Harvard Chan School serving on the Advisory Committee on Sexual Assault and Harassment Prevention and organizing sexual assault awareness events as a member of the Different Lenses, One Vision (dLOV) planning committee. 

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