Belle Cheves

Belle Cheves

Graduate Tutor
Ph.D. candidate, History and Middle Eastern Studies

Dissertation Topic:
My dissertation explores how race and ethnicity became meaningful categories in Iran over the course of the 19th century surrounding the figure of the domestic slave/servant within the Qajar family.

Research methods:
Affect theory, feminist and queer theory, archival research, oral history, literature and memoir analysis, historical ethnography

Areas of interest:
I primarily study modern Iranian and Central Asian history, as well as the greater Middle East. I am interested in the history of revolutions and genders and sexualities. I have worked on prison memoirs and literature surrounding the 1979 Iranian revolution, and am interested in the role of the left throughout the 20th century in Iran, as well as the movement of leftist intellectual thought through Iran and Central Asia.

I am also interested in revolution and counter-revolution in Latin America, as well as the Soviet Union and Iran.

Additional information:
The Farsi and Tajiki dialects of Persian, reading proficiency in Russian and French

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