Bradley Craig

Bradley Craig

Graduate Tutor
Ph.D. candidate, African and African American Studies

Dissertation title
Diaspora in the Wild: The Trelawney Maroons of Jamaica during the Age of Revolutions

Research methods:
Archival research, interviews/oral history, textual analysis, performance analysis

Areas of interest:
Black, women of color, and transnational feminisms; queer studies and queer of color critique; queer and feminist diaspora; African American history and culture (all periods); history of sexuality; Latin American and Caribbean studies (esp. colonial); postcolonial theory; comparative slavery and diaspora; the Black Atlantic and African diaspora

Additional information:
My research focuses on the history of a Jamaican maroon (runaway slave) society and its trans-Atlantic migration during the Age of Revolutions (late 18th and early 19th centuries).  I approach this study through a queer diaspora framework.  This project focuses on how ethnicity, gender, and sexuality shaped forms of political belonging in different colonial contexts throughout the British Empire.  

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