Ceyhun Arslan

Ceyhun Arslan

Graduate Tutor
Ph.D. candidate, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
(on leave 2016-7)

Dissertation topic
My dissertation will compare the representations of nationalism in literary texts from the late 19th and early 20th century in Arabic, Persian, and Ottoman Turkish. I will focus on the trope of gender to analyze nationalisms in these writings.

Research methods:
Textual and visual analysis, critical theory applications, and archival research

Areas of interest:
Modern Middle Eastern literatures (Turkish, Arabic, and Persian) and history; Francophone literatures; gender and nationalism; queer theory; postcolonial theory; translation theory; world literature

Additional information:
I am well versed with a wide range of literary traditions and theories thanks to my secondary concentration in Comparative Literature. I also specialized in French literature in my undergraduate institution, Williams College. I have written and published on diaspora and transnational migration, so will be happy to work with anyone interested in these topics. I also have background in digital humanities, in particular the programming language R. 

Research languages include Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Ottoman Turkish, German, and French.

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