Christopher Allison

Christopher Allison

Graduate Tutor
Ph.D. candidate, American Studies

Dissertation topic
Protestant Relics: The Sacred Body in Early America, 1750-1850

Research methods:
Archival research, material culture, visual culture, spatial analysis (GIS, space, and mapping)

Areas of interest:
18th and 19th Century America; religion; material culture; history of slavery and antislavery; history of capitalism; gender; history of science; history of American art. 

Additional information:
My expertise lies in 18th and 19th century America, with a focus on religion and material culture.  My dissertation examines the sacred body in early America, and examines episodes where the bodies of venerated people became centers of devotional energy.  My dissertation advisors are Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Catherine Brekus, Jill Lepore, and Jennifer Roberts. I have a wide set of interests. My other written work has dealt with gender and religious conversion in the 19th century American city, the early history of credit reporting, black abolitionism, transatlantic print culture, and English pottery sculpture. 

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