Kacey Carter

Kacey Carter

Graduate Tutor
Ph.D. candidate, Romance Languages & Literatures
(on leave 2019-20)

Dissertation topic:
My dissertation focuses on a socio-literary movement in São Paulo known as Literatura Periférica. One of the goals of this movement is to give literary representation to some of the most marginalized residents of the city through the promotion and circulation of literature written by these people, and through live poetry and music events known as saraus. My research explores how the movement has engaged in a process of city-making whereby participants of the movement contribute to the construction of the public sphere in communities that were formerly excluded from such civic engagement.

Areas of interest:
Literary analysis, Visual Analysis, Performance Analysis, Historical Analysis, Participant Observation

Areas of interest:
Modern Brazilian & Portuguese literature; Poetics; Theater; Music; Contemporary Art; Queer Theory; Affect Theory; Postcolonial Studies; Performance Studies; Consumer culture/globalization; Urbanism

Additional information:
I completed my B.A. at the University of California Berkeley in Literature of Latin America, with a minor in Human Rights. I speak Portuguese and Spanish and have taught Portuguese, 21st century Feminism in the U.S., and the History of French Feminism. 

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