Cara Kiernan Fallon

Cara Kiernan Fallon

Graduate Tutor
Ph.D. candidate, History of Science
(on leave 2016-17)

Dissertation topic
My dissertation focuses on the history of aging and disability in the twentieth century. I explore a series of medical and cultural responses to age-related conditions, the interactions of age and gender on health, and emerging ideas of “healthy aging” in the twentieth century.

Research methods:
Archival research, text analysis, image analysis

Areas of interest:
Gender, age/aging, and disability studies; history of science, medicine, and technology; material culture

Additional information:
I have broad interests in the histories of gender, age, and disability, particularly as they relate to science and medicine. I have a background in public health (and an MPH), history, and the studies of women, gender, and sexuality. I welcome hearing from students with a range of interests in the humanities and the sciences. 

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