Mari Ruti

Mari Ruti

Director of Graduate Studies
Visiting Professor of Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality
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Mari Ruti holds degrees from Brown University (BA), the University of Paris (DEA), and Harvard University (MA, PhD). She works at the intersection of critical theory, continental philosophy, psychoanalysis, and feminist and queer theory. She is particularly interested in questions of subjectivity, agency, and psychic transformation; collective and individual trauma; ethics, the self-other relationship, and social change; and the social construction of gender and sexuality.

Ruti is the author of nine academic books: Reinventing the Soul: Posthumanist Theory and Psychic Life (2006); A World of Fragile Things: Psychoanalysis and the Art of Living (2009); The Summons of Love (2011); The Singularity of Being: Lacan and the Immortal Within (2012); The Call of Character: Living a Life Worth Living (2013); The Age of Scientific Sexism: How Evolutionary Psychology Promotes Gender Profiling and Fans the Battle of the Sexes (2015); Between Levinas and Lacan: Self, Other, Ethics (2015); The Ethics of Opting Out: Defiance and Affect in Queer Theory; and Feminist Film Theory and Pretty Woman (2016). She has also published a trade book entitled The Case for Falling in Love: Why We Can't Master the Madness of Love - and Why That's the Best Part (2011).   

Ruti's most recent project is entitled Penis Envy and Other Bad Feelings: On Everyday Life.

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