2010-2011 Pre-Approved Courses

The following FAS courses were pre-approved for WGS concentration credit in the 2010-2011 academic year. If you would like to petition to count a course that does not appear on this list, please submit a copy of the syllabus to the director of undergraduate studies along with a completed petition form, which is available on the website or in the front office.

General Education 
Primarily for Undergraduates 
For Undergraduates and Graduates 
Primarily for Graduates

General Education

Culture and Belief 37: The Romance: From Jane Austen to Chick Lit

Culture and Beliefs 41: Gender, Islam, and Nation in the Middle East and North Africa

United States in the World 27: Religion and American Society: Global Traditions in a Changing Culture

United States in the World 26: Sex and the Citizen

Primarily for Undergraduates

English 90bp: British Women Poets: Seminar

English 90sx: Gender Difference and Sexual Relation in Medieval Literature

Freshman Seminar 34i: Girl Talk: Reflections on Gender and Youth in America

Freshman Seminar 43s: Gender, Race, and Ethics in the 21st Century

Freshman Seminar 46u: Punks, Queers, and Pakistanis: Subcultures in Modern Britain 

Freshman Seminar 47n: The Sixties: History and Memory

Government 98oa: Inequality and American Democracy

Social Studies 98gf: Modernity and Social Change in East Asia

Social Studies 98jl: Global Social Movements

Social Studies 98kb: Gender in Developing Nations

For Undergraduates and Graduates

African and African American Studies 104: Witchcraft, Rituals and Colonialism

African and African American Studies 109: Using Film for Social Change 

African and African American Studies 121: Please, Wake Up! - Race, Gender, Class and Ethnicity in the Early Films of Spike Lee

Anthropology 1706: Family Change in East Asia: Seminar

French 188: They Write in French from Egypt, Lebanon, and the Maghreb: Feminine Voices

History 74m: Rebels, Radicals, and Reformers in Nineteenth-Century America

History 84s: Women Acting Globally

History 84u: Gender, Migration, and Globalization in 20th-Century U.S. History

History 1462: History of Sexuality in Modern West

History 2805: Gender and Sexuality: Comparative Historical Studies of Islamic Middle East, North Africa, South, and East Asia: Seminar

History of Science 108: Bodies, Sexualities, and Medicine in the Medieval Middle East

History of Science 112: Health, Medicine and Healing in Medieval and Renaissance Europe

History of Science 138: Sex, Gender, and Evolution

History of Science 139: The Postgenomic Moment 

Human Evolutionary Biology 1310: Hormones and Behavior

Human Evolutionary Biology 1312: Human Sexuality: Research and Presentation Seminar

Japanese History 145: Lady Samurai in Medieval Japan

Japanese Literature 133: Gender and Japanese Art

Japanese Literature 162: Girl Culture, Media, and Japan

Latin American Studies 90b: Gender, Writing, and Subalternity in the Americas

Political and Economic Development (PED) 317Y: Closing the Global Gender Gap (Kennedy School)

Religion 1009: Religion, Gender, and Politics in Transnational Perspective

Religion 1410: Women, Sex, and Gender in Ancient Christianity

Religion 1413: The Apostle Paul: Ethnicity, Sex, Ethics, and the End of the World

Religion 1494: Feminist Theory and Theology: Seminar

Religion 1553: Gender, Discipline, and the Body in American Christianity

Visual and Environmental Studies 172b (formerly 173t). Contemporary Film Theory

Primarily for Graduates

African and African American Studies 214: Ethnography of the African Diaspora: Race, Gender and Power

Anthropology 2652: Topics in Psychological Anthropology -- Gender in Conflict: Violence, Militarism, and War

Economics 2330: History and Human Capital 

German 245: Repression and Expression: Sexuality, Gender, and Language in Fin-de-Siecle Austria and Germany (Graduate Seminar in General Education)

Japanese Literature 271: Topics in Gender and Culture in Japan: Seminar

Medieval Studies 205: Latin Writings by and about Penitent Women in Medieval and Renaissance Italy

Religion 2501: The Religious History of American Women: Seminar

Religion 3005: Doctoral Colloquium in Religion, Gender, and Culture