Thesis Track

Deciding to Apply 

Students who wish to engage in a yearlong process of original research, writing, and revision should consider applying to the thesis track. Work on the thesis track begins in junior year when students take the WGS junior tutorial, Research and Methods (WOMGEN 98), and continues during senior year with the yearlong senior tutorial (WOMGEN 99). All thesis writers also take an oral exam at the end of senior year.

Because the thesis is a lengthy and self-directed process, students should feel confident that the time devoted to researching and writing the thesis will not conflict with other senior-year academic, extra-curricular, and personal commitments. 

Submitting the Application 

Students who wish to pursue the WGS thesis track (both full and joint concentrators) must complete a thesis track application during the fall semester of their junior year. This year's deadline for juniors to submit an application is 5:00 pm on Friday, November 4, 2022.