Gender and Sexuality Workshop

Who We Are

The Graduate ScHarvard GSAS logohool of Arts and Sciences Gender and Sexuality Workshop is open to graduate students in any discipline working on questions related to gender and sexuality. The workshop is an opportunity for students to receive detailed feedback from an interdisciplinary group of scholars on work in progress.

We strongly encourage graduate students, particularly those who have completed coursework in WGS, to submit work that they are looking to develop further, and welcome both written work—such as drafts of journal articles, or prospectuses—and practice conference presentations or job talks.

If you would like to participate in or receive further information about the workshop, please email Newcomers are invited to submit work, but are also encouraged to attend at least one additional session after presenting.


Faculty Sponsors

Student Coordinators

2022-2023 Meetings

All workshop meetings take place on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm, in the Kresge Room in the Barker Center.

  • September 21, Plimpton Room, Barker Center 133
  • October 19, Kresge Room, Barker Center
  • November 2, Kresge Room, Barker Center
  • November 16, Kresge Room, Barker Center

Generally, each meeting has two presenters. The coordinators circulate any written work to be workshopped at least one week prior to the meeting. The authors have 10-15 minutes to introduce their work before a 40-45 minute discussion with workshop attendees. Those who wish to practice a conference talk have no more than 20 minutes to present, followed by 35-40 minutes of discussion. Dinner is provided; we request that you RSVP for catering purposes.