Fulfill General Education Requirements with WGS Courses

WGS and our affiliated faculty in other departments currently offer over a dozen courses that students can count towards both General Education requirements and the WGS concentration or secondary field. Consult our current lists of WGS courses and cross-listed courses from other departments to see which of the courses below are offered in a given year.


Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding

Culture and Belief

  • Culture and Belief 41. Gender, Islam, and Nation in the Middle East and North Africa (Afsaneh Najmabadi)*
  • Culture and Belief 61. Gender and Science: From Marie Curie to Gamergate (Sarah S. Richardson)
  • Culture and Belief 63. The Empire Strikes Back: Science Fiction, Religion, and Society (Ahmed Ragab, Sophia Roosth).
  • History of Science 108. Bodies, Sexualities, and Medicine in the Medieval Middle East (Ahmed Ragab)
  • Religion 46. The Letters of Paul: Ethnicity, Sex, Ethics, and the End of the World (Laura Nasrallah)* 
  • WGS 1258. Friends with Benefits? (Afsaneh Najmabadi)
  • WGS 1424. American Fetish: Consumer Culture Encounters the Other (Caroline Light)

Ethical Reasoning

United States in the World



* Counts as a course that engages substantially with Study of the Past.