Courses that Count for WGS Credit

All WGS courses and the following courses are approved for WGS concentration credit and the WGS Secondary Field. Of the courses listed below, those offered at Harvard schools outside of FAS (e.g. Harvard Divinity School, the Graduate School of Design, etc.), require a FAS concentration credit petition in order to count towards a WGS concentration or secondary field. The FAS courses listed below do not require a petition. 

If you would like to petition to receive concentration credit for a course that is not listed below, please submit a copy of the syllabus with a completed petition to the WGS Director of Undergraduate Studies.  

Fall 2022

AFRAMER 134X How Sweet it is to be Loved By You: Black Love and the Emotional Politics of Respect (Morgan)
AMSTDIES 201 Themes in American Studies (Reid-Pharr)
ANTHRO 1707 Ethnic Studies, Anthropology, and the Transpacific Ethnography of Asian America (Garza)
ANTHRO 1906 Care in Critical Times (Wright)
ANTHRO 2656 Introduction to Feminist Science Studies (Jabloner)
EASTD 154: Threads: Histories and Theories of Clothing and Fashion (McCorkmick)
ECON 980X Economics of Work and Family : Junior Seminar (Goldin)
EMR 1010 Topics in Latinx Studies: Imagining Latinidad (Mendoza-Mori)
ENGLISH 181A Introduction to Asian American Literature: What Is Asian American Literature? (Kim)
ENGLISH 210Q Queer/Medieval (Wilson) Counts for WGS theory foundation 
FOLKMYTH 176 Tattoos: Histories and Practices (Lufkin)
FRENCH 128 Growing Pains: Le roman d'apprentissage, l'apprentissage du roman (Kim)
FRENCH 136 A La Francaise: French Feminism Today (Jardine)
FRSEMR 60C Comics and Graphic Novels (Burt)
FRSEMR 62R LGBT Life Stories (Schlossberg)
FRSEMR 64T Immigrant Memoirs: Women’s Lives from Eastern Europe to America (Kremer)
FRSEMR 64U Stories of Gender and Justice (Thornber)
GENED 1130 Power to the People: Black Power, Radical Feminism, and Gay Liberation (Bronski)  Counts for WGS history foundation and GenEd: Aesthetics and Cultures
GERMAN 291 Questions of Theory (Suetterlin)
GHP 231 Sexual and Reproductive Health: A Global Perspective (Langer)
GOV 94OA Inequality and American Democracy (Skocpol)
GOV 94OF Law and Politics in Multicultural Democracies (Liviatan)
HDS 3121/RELIGION 1084 Encountering Motherhood: Sacred Histories (Patton)
HEB 1330 Primate Social Behaviors (Surbeck)
HIS 4485 Race and Gender: Landscape Architecture as Practice, Profession, and Discipline (Way)
HIST 15G Resistant Masculinity: Evolving Notions of Black Masculinities in U.S. History (Blakeslee)
LING 143 Morphosemantics (TBD)
PORTUG 62 Women’s voices in Brazilian culture(s) (Soares)
PSY 1527 Power and Society in Romantic Relationships (Valshtein)
SBS 246 Maternal Health and Childcare: Programs and Policies (Tiemeier)
SBS 506 An Intro to History, Politics, & Public Health: Theories of Disease Distr. & Health Inequities (Krieger)
SOCIOL 1165 Online Dating and the Transformation of Intimacy (Narr)
SOCIOL 1178 Human Rights and Gender Relations (TBD)
SPANSH 167 Queer Indigeneity: North and South Conversations (Sanchez-Cruz)
TDM 181B Street Dance Activism: Co-choreographic Praxis as Activism (Bell)
WGH 201 Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice (Janiak)
WGH 211 Gender and Health: Introductory Perspectives (Charlton)
WGH 230 The Health of Transgender and Gender Diverse People (Reisner)


Spring 2023

AFRAMER 130Y Mobility, Power and Politics (Agbiboa)
ANTHRO 2653 Feminism and Anthropology (Jabloner)
CHNSHIS 113 Life and Death in Late Imperial China: Social History of the 10th to 19th Centuries (Szonyi)
DPI 376 Queer Nation: LGBTQ Protest, Politics, and Policy in the United States (McCarthy)
ECON 2330 History of Human Capital (Katz)
ENGLISH 90AH Asian American Theater and Performance (Kim)
ENGLISH 280QL Queer and Trans Literature and Criticism (Burt)
ENGLISH CQN “Queer Stories, Queer Lives”: A Fiction Workshop on Queer Narratives (White)
FOLKMYTH 172 Quilts and Quiltmaking (Lufkin)
FRENCH 180 The Words to Say It: 20th-century Women Writing in French, From Colette to Satrapi (Jardine)
FRSEMR 64W Legacies of a Powerful Woman: The Life and Afterlife of Empress Theodora (Riehle)
GENED 1113 Race, Gender, and Performance (Bernstein)
HAA 172 Artisanal Modernism and the Labor of Women (Gough)
HDS 2139 Trauma and Resilience: Empowering Those Who Care for Others (Giles)
HIST-LIT 90AN God Save the Queen! Ruling Women from Rome to the Renaissance (Gilsdorf)
HIST-LIT 90FR Latinx, 1492 to 2022 (Conners)
IGA 390M 21st Century Global Feminisms (Marks)
PSY 1009 Psychology of Women (Noll)
PSY 1503 Psychology of Close Relationships (Parker)
SAS 181 Hindu Queenship (Smith)
SOCIOL 1058 Sex, Gender, Sexuality (Viterna)  Counts for WGS theory foundation 
SPANSH 236 Sexual Dissidence in Latin American & Caribbean Literature and Culture (Sanchez-Cruz)
WGH 207 Advanced Topics in Women, Gender and Health (Katz-Wise)
WGH 210 Women, Gender and Health: Critical Issues in Mental Health (Boskey)
WGH 220 Sexuality and Public Health (Austin)
WGH 250 Embodying Gender: Public Health, Biology and the Body Politic (Krieger)