2016-2017 Pre-Approved Courses

The following courses were pre-approved for WGS concentration credit. If you would like to petition to count a course that does not appear on this list, please submit a copy of the syllabus to the director of undergraduate studies along with a completed petition form, which is available on the website or in the front office.


Spring 2017

ECON 2330 History and Human Capital (Goldin, Katz)

ENGLISH 297QT LGBTQ&C Literature and Ideas (Burt)

FOLKMYTH 158 The Eco-Feminist and the Folk (Goldstein)

FOLKMYTH 172 Quilts and Quiltmaking (Lufkin)

FRENCH 136 À la Française: French Feminisms Today (Jardine)

FRSEMR 48E Health and Mental Health in Everyday Life (Ruggie)

GHP 231 Sexual and Reproductive Health: A Global Perspective (Langer)

GOV 94IP Identity, Politics, and Policy (Weeks)

GOV 94OA Inequality and American Democracy (Skocpol)

HDS 2689 Feminist Theory and The*logy (Schussler Fiorenza)

HDS 2693 Sex, Gender, and Sexuality II (Hollywood)

HDS 3008 Women and Contemporary Buddhism (Wang)

HDS 3342 Confined: Hospitals in the History of Medicine and Religion (Ragab)

HDS 3343 Magic, Miracles, and Prophetics: Medicine and Religion in the Medieval Islamic World (Ragab)

HDS 3582 Race and Gender in the History of Islam in the U.S. and Europe (Ahmed)

HEB 1310 Hormones and Behavior (Hooven)

HIST 13I Intimate Frontiers: Gender, Sexuality and the Settlement of Australia (Russell)

HISTSCI 142V Masculinities and Health: History and Politics of Men's Health and Illness (O’Donnell)

HISTSCI 146v Bodies in Flux: Medicine, Gender, and Sexuality in the Modern Middle East (Bayoumi)

JAPNLIT 162 Girl Culture, Media, and Japan (Yoda)

JAPNLIT 271 Topics in Gender and Culture in Japan: Seminar (Yoda)

KORLIT 105 Gender in Korean Literature and Film (Lee)

PHIL 17 Feminist Political Philosophy (Schouten)

PSY 1009 Psychology of Women (Noll)

REL 1461 Gender, Religion, and Scripture (Schussler Fiorenza)

ROM-STD 113 Visceral Iberia: Gender, Affect and Embodiment in Modern and Contemporary Culture (Ceia)

SBS 246 Issues in Maternal and Child Health Programs and Policies (McCormick)

SOCIOL 27 Introduction to Social Movements (Viterna)

SPANSH 117 Kingmakers, Dangerous Grandmothers and Inconsolable Prostitutes: Women in Conquest Narratives (Olmedo)

WGH 207 Advanced Topics in Women, Gender and Health (Austin, Katz-Wise)

WGH 220 Sexuality and Public Health (Austin)

WGH 250 Embodying Gender: Public Health, Biology and the Body Politic (Krieger)



Fall 2016

AESTHINT 47 Forbidden Romance in Modern China (Wang)

ANTHRO 1988 Kinship, Citizenship, and Belonging (Meiu)

ECON 980X Economics of Work and Family (Goldin)

ENGLISH 195X Contemporary African American Literature (Carpio)

FRENCH 227 "The Words to Say It": Women Writing in French from Colette to Satrapi (Jardine)

FRSEMR 60C Comics and Graphic Novels (Burt)

FRSEMR 70M Creating Cultures of Sexual Respect on Campus (Rosenfeld)

GOV 94OF Law and Politics in Multicultural Democracies (Liviatan)

GOV 1141 Comparative Politics of Gender Inequality (Weeks)

HDS 1505 Contesting Sex and Gender, Making Early Christianity (King)

HDS 2118 The Queer Bible (Kessler)

HDS 2119 Gender, Sexuality, and Mormonism (Petrey)

HDS 2692 Sex, Gender, and Sexuality I (Hollywood)

HDS 3223 / RELIGION 1009 Religion, Gender, and Politics in Transnational Perspective (Ahmed, Braude)

HDS 3587 Science, Religion and Sex: Bodies, Sexualities and Medicine in the Medieval Middle East (Ragab)

HDS 3616 / RELIGION 1842 Religion, Gender, Identity: Readings in 20th Century 'Arab' Memoirs - Muslim, Christian, and Jewish (Ahmed)

HEB 1312 Human Sexuality (Flynn)

HIST 1462 History of Sexuality in the Modern West (Cott) - Note: HIST 1462 counts for WGS's 1200-level foundational history requirement

HIST-LIT 90BC We the Readers: Reading Communities in Early America (Brady)

HIST-LIT 90BG Colonialism, Globalization, and Culture in Asian Diaspora(s) (Clutario)

HIST-LIT 90CK Beauty and Power: Race and Gender in the 20th and 21st Centuries (Clutario)

HIST-LIT 90CM Asian American Cultural Studies (Park)

HISTSCI 108 Bodies, Sexualities, and Medicine in the Medieval Middle East (Ragab)

HISTSCI 279 Freud and His Legacies: Readings in the History of Psychoanalysis (Lunbeck)

JAPNLIT 124 The Tale of Genji in Word and Image (McCormick)

RELIGION 46 The Letters of Paul: Ethnicity, Sex, Ethics, and the End of the World (Nasrallah)

SAS 176 Gender and the Making of Modern South Asia (Warner)

SBS 506 An Intro to History, Politics, & Public Health: Theories of Disease Distr. & Health Inequities (Krieger)

SOCIOL 296A Proseminar on Inequality & Social Policy I (Pager, Hochschild)

SOC-STD 98JL Global Social Movements (Jones)

WGH 210 Women, Gender and Health: Critical Issues in Mental Health (Gottlieb)

WGH 211 Gender and Health: Introductory Perspectives (Missmer)