Why concentrate in WGS?

As a recent Harvard Crimson article put it, the small size of WGS, combined with its atmosphere of intellectual passion and openness, provides students with a unique sense of community.

  • WGS was ranked first in concentration satisfaction in the 2012 Senior Survey.

  • WGS welcomes joint concentrators from all disciplinary backgrounds—the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities.

  • We work closely with students’ joint departments to ensure that students meet all requirements and have a rewarding academic experience. 

  • The WGS concentration can be combined with a pre-med course of study.

  • Most WGS courses are conducted as seminars, with close, individual attention from faculty.

  • Concentrators in WGS receive the intellectual and personal rewards of studying in a program where “everyone knows your name” and your specific academic interests are taken seriously. 

  • All WGS concentrators, joint and full, receive individual advising from the director and assistant director of undergraduate studies.

  • All General Education courses offered through the WGS program double count for credit toward the WGS concentration or secondary field.

  • Students can combine a WGS degree with any secondary field at the College.

WGS prides itself on the broad range of its course offerings as well as the individual attention it offers to each student. Concentrators enjoy the opportunity to engage in small-group tutorials and to conduct original research in their chosen fields of interest, whether or not they choose to write a thesis