Understanding WGS Course Numbers

Generally, WGS course numbers indicate the following:

  • 1100 level, General Education, and Freshman Seminars
    Introductory level undergraduate courses, often lecture format with sections that meet weekly. No prior knowledge of gender studies is required or expected, and we recommend this level for students just starting to investigate WGS. Note: Some courses offered by WGS or our affiliated faculty can count towards requirements for both Gen Ed and the WGS concentration or secondary field.
  • 1200 level
    Mid-range level of challenge in the WGS program. These courses can be either small seminars or larger “conference” courses with weekly section meetings. Generally, students should expect to complete two to three short written assignments, a midterm paper or exam, and a longer research project.
  • 1400 level
    Upper-level seminar, intended for advanced undergraduates with prior experience in WGS courses and graduate students. Students should expect to read one book per week and to complete several small assignments (e.g. article or book reviews) in addition to a longer research project. 
  • 2000 level
    Graduate-level seminar. WGS 2000, the graduate proseminar, is the only regularly scheduled course in this category. This course is required of all students enrolled in the graduate secondary field in WGS and is open to undergraduates with instructor permission. Heavy emphasis on reading and writing in the interest of gaining familiarity with WGS as an interdisciplinary field of study.
  • Tutorials:
    • WGS 97 Semester-long Sophomore Tutorial required of all WGS concentrators. Offered each spring, this seminar familiarizes students with a shared vocabulary and texts foundational to studies of sexuality and gender.
    • WGS 98 Semester-long Junior Tutorial required of all thesis-track concentrators. Students work in a small group seminar and with a tutor on a specific area of interest, with a view to developing necessary research skills for the thesis. Students are expected to complete a 18- to 20-page final essay. 
    • WGS 99a/b Year-long Senior Tutorial required of all thesis-track concentrators. Students meet weekly in a small group and regularly with a thesis adviser through the process of designing, researching, and writing the senior thesis.