Junior Tutorial

The Junior Tutorial (WGS 98) is required of all thesis track students and is offered every spring semester by one of the WGS core faculty.

This course combines a small group seminar, which gives students in-depth exposure to interdisciplinary feminist methodologies, with the opportunity to work one-on-one with a member of the WGS Graduate Tutorial Board to develop their own research projects.

This weekly seminar is organized around readings that consider how different research approaches inform the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences and provides a collaborative space for students to develop their own research agenda, which culminates in a 18- to 20-page paper, the junior essay.

Students select their junior tutors from the WGS Graduate Tutorial Board during the fall semester prior to their tutorial. It is important that students work with tutors who are trained in the methods they would like to use in their essays and theses. Students will meet with their tutors weekly to design a specialized reading list around their particular topic of interest, to discuss readings, and to develop their research project.

While the topic of the junior essay need not have any relation to the student’s anticipated senior thesis project, the research project should give students practice with the methods they anticipate using in their theses. Therefore, we strongly encourage work with primary texts or data/evidence.

For detailed information on seminar meeting times and structure, please see the WGS 98 course website.