Information for Tutors

The WGS Junior Tutorial (WGS 98) offers graduate students an ‏opportunity to gain teaching experience and familiarity with a range of interdisciplinary research methods in feminist scholarship by advising undergraduates on independent research projects.

WGS 98 supports undergraduates as ‏they explore their research interests in preparation for the senior thesis. Many of our ‏students have identified an area of interest but have not yet selected a methodological approach. The purpose of ‏WGS 98 is to build students’ familiarity with a range of different ‏research methodologies and to help them identify the most appropriate ‏approach for their topic.

Tutors meet with their students on a weekly basis over the course of the semester, helping them develop a reading list, complete short assignments, and write their junior essay.


  1. Matching of students with tutors
    Tutors should maintain an up-to-date profile on the WGS website. During the semester prior to taking the tutorial, undergraduates are asked to contact members of the WGS tutorial board who appear to be a good match for their interests. Once tutor and student are mutually agreed, tutors should contact Christianna Morgan by email before the start of the semester to initiate the appointment and compensation.

  2. Group seminar
    During the first four weeks of the course, undergraduates attend a weekly group seminar with the course head. Tutors are asked to attend the first seminar meeting of the semester. Students will meet in the group seminar two more times later in the semester: one to ‏present their proposed research topics, and another to workshop writing. Tutors are expected to meet with their students for two hours in weeks when there is no seminar meeting and for one ‏hour in weeks when there is a seminar meeting.

  3. Development of reading program
    During the initial group seminar portion of the course, tutors meet individually with their students once a week for one hour at a ‏time that is mutually agreeable to develop a personalized tutorial reading list. (See the WGS 98 course website for the due date for this and other assignments mentioned below.) 

  4. One-on-one tutoring
    After the first four weeks, tutors meet individually with students for two hours a week. Tutors usher students through the reading and writing process: guiding their work, helping them process the readings, and providing feedback on their writing as they develop ideas for their junior essay. 

  5. Short assignments
    Over the course of the semester, ‏students complete short paper assignments designed by the course head to prompt writing, familiarize students with a variety of methodological approaches, and help them hone their research topics. Tutors support students in the completion of these assignments and, along with the course head, help evaluate student work.

  6. Final essay
    Tutors assist students in developing, drafting, and revising a junior essay of 18-20 pages, and co-evaluate this final essay with the course head.