Information for Tutors


The WGS Junior Tutorial (WOMGEN 98) provides experienced graduate students an ‏opportunity to gain teaching experience and familiarity with a range of interdisciplinary research methods in feminist scholarship by leading small group seminars (3-4 students) that comprise the Junior Tutorial. Tutors are compensated at .25 FTE. 

WOMGEN 98 supports undergraduates as ‏they explore their research interests in preparation for the senior thesis. Many of our ‏students have identified an area of interest but have not yet selected a methodological approach. ‏WOMGEN 98 builds students’ familiarity with a range of different ‏research methodologies and helps them identify an appropriate ‏approach for their topic. 

Tutors meet with their students in small seminar groups on a weekly basis, helping them develop a reading list, complete short assignments, and write their junior essay. 



  1. Tutor selection
    If you are interested in leading a Junior Tutorial, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies and maintain an up-to-date profile on the WGS website. During the fall semester, the DUS reviews student thesis applications and coordinates small groups of students (3 or 4) with experienced Tutors based on topics of interest and proposed methods. 

  2. Seminar structure during first few weeks
    During the first few weeks of the semester, undergraduates will attend a weekly seminar with the course head/faculty instructor. Tutors attend the first seminar meeting and also meet individually with their students to discuss their reading lists and research topics. 

  3. Development of syllabi
    During the first few weeks of the semester, Tutors meet with their students both individually and in small groups to develop their Tutorial reading list. (See the WOMGEN 98 course website for the due date for this and other assignments mentioned below.)  

  4. Small seminar structure
    After the first few weeks of the semester, Tutors meet in their small seminar groups for two hours per week. They discuss readings from their shared syllabus and workshop the short paper assignments given by the course head/faculty instructor. 

  5. Short assignments
    Students complete several short paper assignments designed by the course head/faculty instructor to prompt writing, familiarize students with a variety of methodological approaches, and help them hone their research topics. Tutors support students in the completion of these assignments and, along with the course head, help evaluate student work.

  6. Final essay 
    Tutors assist students in developing, drafting, and revising a junior essay of 18-20 pages and co-evaluate this final essay with the course head/faculty instructor.