2019-2020 Pre-Approved Courses

The following courses were approved for WGS concentration credit. If you would like to petition to receive concentration credit for a course that is not listed below, please submit a copy of the syllabus with a completed petition form to the WGS Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Fall 2019

AFRAMER 131Y Black Womens Voices in the #MeToo Era (Chavers)
CLS-STDY 152 The Construction of Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greece (Weiss)
ECON 980X Personal Economics (Goldin)
EMR 136 Race, Gender, and American Empire (Waits) counts for WGS History Foundation
ENGLISH 282A Ethnic Studies: Past, Present Future (García Peña & Kim)
ENGLISH 90MK Medieval Women and the Problem of Knowledge (Watson)
FOLKMYTH 177 Assertive Stitches: Domestic Arts and Public Conflict (Lufkin)
FRENCH 180 "The Words to Say It": Women Writing in French from Colette to Satrapi (Jardine)
FRSEMR 62R LGBT Life Stories (Schlossberg)
FRSEMR 62T Migrants in Fiction and Film: Case Studies of Love, Loss, War, and Death (Lionnet)
GENED 1016 Black Radicalism (Reid-Pharr)
GENED 1036 Global Feminisms (Mitra) counts for WGS History Foundation
GENED 1042 Anime as Global Popular Culture (Yoda)
HDS 2029 Women and Gender in U.S. Catholicism
HDS 2139 Trauma and Resilience: Empowering Those Who Care for Others (Giles)
HDS 2481 Emily Dickinson: ‘the extasy define—‘, (Hollywood & Paulsell)
HDS 3082 Leadership and Womanist Moral Traditions
HIST 13T Women in Economic Life (Rothschild)
HIS-LIT 90DU Queer Oral Histories (McGeehan Muchmore)
HIS-LIT 90DW Queering the South: Race, Gender, & Sexuality in the American South (Pope) counts for WGS History Foundation
HIS-LIT L90EB Gender and Empire in the Modern Mediterranean (Boonstra) counts for WGS History Foundation
RELIGION 1414 Scripture Stories of Women (Schussler Fiorenza)
RELIGION 1461 Gender, Religion and Scripture (Schussler Fiorenza)
RELIGION 1572 Sex, Gender and Sexuality (Hollywood) counts for WGS Theory Foundation
RELIGION 1829 Race and Gender in the History of Islam in the U.S. and Europe (Ahmed) counts for WGS History Foundation
RELIGION 1844 Religion, Gender, Identity in 21st Century Diasporic Muslim Fiction (Ahmed)
ROM-STD 235A Ethnic Studies: Past, Present, and Future (García Peña & Kim) counts for WGS History Foundation
SOCIOL 1112 Men, Women, and Work (Brinton)
SOC-STD 98PF Rethinking Transnational Feminism (Maione)
SPANSH 126 Performing Latinidad (García Peña)
TDM 90AR Production Studio - Queer Cabaret
WGH 201 Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice (Janiak)
WGH 211 Gender and Health: Introductory Perspectives (Charlton)

Spring 2020

AFRAMER 131Y Black Womens Voices in the #MeToo Era (Chavers)
AFRAMER 197X Critiquing Black Muslim Reason in the United States (Carter) counts for WGS History Foundation
ANTHRO 2653 Feminism and Anthropology (Jabloner)
ARMEN 164 Kindred Spirits: Ghosts in Ethnic American Literature (Gulesserian)
BETH 716 Ethics in Reproductive Medicine (King)
DEV 315M Working for Change: Understanding Gender in International Development (Matuszeski)
ENGLISH 180MW Modern Women Writers (Phillips)
ENGLISH 280QL Queer Literature (Burt)
ENGLISH CWWR Writing Women: Workshop (Faludi)
FRENCH 136 A La Francaise: French Feminisms Today (Jardine)
FRENCH 262 Transnationalism and the Francophone World: Race, Gender, Sexuality (Lionnet)
GENED 1073 Guns in the U.S.: A Love Story (Light)
GENED 1113 Race, Gender, and Performance (Bernstein)
GHP 231 Sexual and Reproductive Health: A Global Perspective (Langer)
HDS 1404 Mothers, Diviners and Prophets: The Religious Lives of Women in the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel (Sonia)
HDS 3048 Intimacy and Emotion in the Lives of Muslim Women (Izharuddin)
HIST 1015 Native American Women: History and Myth (Miles) counts for WGS History Foundation
HIST 97J "What is Family History?" (Kamensky) counts for WGS History Foundation
HISTSCI 251 Feminist Science Studies (Richardson) counts for WGS History Foundation
JAPNLIT 162 Girl Culture, Media, and Japan (Yoda)
JAPNLIT 271 Topics in Gender and Culture in Japan: Seminar (Yoda)
MLD 670 Gender and Public Policy Seminar: Promoting Diversity in Organizations (Livingston)
PHIL 17 Feminist Political Philosophy (Schouten) counts for WGS Theory Foundation
PSY 1009 Psychology of Women (Noll)
RELIGION 1084 Encountering Motherhood: Sacred Histories (Patton)
RELIGION 1256 Gender and Judaism in Modern America (Braude)
RELIGION 1573 Sex, Gender, and Sexuality II (Hollywood) counts for WGS Theory Foundation
RELIGION 2549 Women, Religion, and the Problem of Historical Agency (Brekus)
SOCIOL 1058 Sex, Gender, Sexuality (Viterna)
WGH 207 Advanced Topics in Women, Gender and Health (Katz-Wise)
WGH 210 Women, Gender and Health: Critical Issues in Mental Health (Gottlieb)
WGH 220 Sexuality and Public Health (Austin)