2012-2013 Pre-Approved Courses

The following FAS courses were pre-approved for WGS concentration credit in the 2012-2013 academic year. If you would like to petition to count a course that does not appear on this list, please submit a copy of the syllabus to the director of undergraduate studies along with a completed petition form, which is available on the website or in the front office.

Fall 2012

 African and African American Studies 117x: Of Mean Streets and Jungle Fevers: Race, Gender and Ethnicity in Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee (Jeyifo)

African and African American Studies 120x. African American Theatre, Drama, and Performance (Bernstein)

African and African American Studies 183x: Queer of Color Theory (Bernstein)
(During the 2012-13 academic year, WGS concentrators may take this course in place of the WGS 1210 foundation theory course.)

Anthropology 1214: The Archaelogy of Women and Children (Carballo)

Business Studies 2530: Gender and Work (McGinn)

Culture and Belief 37: The Romance: From Jane Austen to Chick Lit (Schlossberg)

Economics 1376hf: Closing the Global Gender Gap (Pande and Bohnet)

Economics 980x: Economics of Work and Family (Goldin)

English 90ow: Oscar Wilde: Artist, Martyr, Celebrity: Seminar (Kaiser)

French 136: A La Francaise: French Feminisms Today (Jardine)

French 259: The Culture of Hysteria: From Nineteenth-Century France to Here and Now (Beizer)

Government 94oa: Inequality and American Democracy (Skocpol)

Government 94sh: Feminist Perspectives on Justice and Oppression (TBD)

HDS 2109: Black Women and Global Pentecostalism (Casselberry)

HDS 2209: Gender, Authority, and Domination in Modern Theologies and Theories of Religion (Pearson)

History 81f: Women's Voices in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Greenblatt)

History of Science 108: Bodies, Sexualities, and Medicine in the Medieval Middle East (Ragab)

Human Evolutionary Biology 1388: Adolescence (Reiches)

Human Evolutionary Biology 1393: Human and Non-Human Primate Reproductive Ecology (Reiches)

Religion 1410: Women, Sex, and Gender in Ancient Christianity  (King)

Religion 1506: Gender, Race, and Transformation Latina Theory (Rivera)

Religion 2501: The Religious History of American Women: Seminar (Braude)

Romance Studies 201: Approaches to Theory (McDonald)

Social Studies 98kb: Gender in Developing Nations (Healy)

Sociology 108: Inequality at Work (Brinton)

Sociology 132: Mobilizing for Social Change: Social Movements and Revolutions around the World (Viterna)

Sociology 165: Inequalities in Health Care (Ruggie) 


Spring 2013

African and African American Studies 104y: Transnational Feminisms (Beliso-De Jesus) 

African and African American Studies 109: Using Film for Social Change (Lipper) 

Anthropology 1882: The Woman and the Body (Greenhalgh) 

Anthropology 2765: Gender in Conflict: Violence, Militarism and War (Theidon) 

Economics 1376hf: Closing the Global Gender Gap (Pande and Bohnet) 

English 90ga: Gender, Age, and 18th Century Literature: Seminar (Gustafson) 

English 90sv: Sexing Victorian Fiction: Seminar (Price) 

French 188: They Write in French from Egypt, Lebanon, and the Maghreb: Feminine Voices (Priam) 

Freshman Seminar 38u: Sex and Decadence in Fin-de-Siecle Literature (Proulx) 

Freshman Seminar 48e: Gender, Health, and Mental Health (Ruggie) 

German 171. A Queer Twentieth Century in Literature and Film (Bowles)

Government 94ss: Women & U.S. Politics (TBD) 

HDS 2108: Women, Justice, and Sharia in Nigeria (Ibrahim) 

HDS 2110: Power, Politics, and the Female Religious Life (Betros) 

HDS 2167: Women, Spirituality, and Peace (Siljak) 

History 1410: American Families, 1600-1900 (Ulrich) 

History 2805: Gender and Sexuality: Comparative Historical Studies of Islamic Middle East, North Africa, South, and East Asia: Seminar (Najmabadi) 

History 79j. ‘The Oldest Profession? A Global History of Sex Work 1750 to the Present’ (with Philippa Hetherington) - (New Course) 

History of Science 146: Introduction to Women's Bodies in Medicine (Jou) 

History of Science 250: Readings in Women's Bodies in Medicine (Jou) 

Human Evolutionary Biology 1310: Hormones and Behavior (Chapman) 

Human Evolutionary Biology 1377: Birth (Reiches) 

Japanese Literature 271: Topics in Gender and Culture in Japan: Seminar  (Yoda) 

Religion 1009: Religion, Gender, and Politics in Transnational Perspective (Braude and Ahmed) 

Religion 1572: Sex, Gender and Sexuality (Hollywood) 
(During the 2012-13 academic year, WGS concentrators may take this course in place of the WGS 1210 foundation theory course.)

Religion 1730: Buddhist Women and Gender Theory (Gyatso) 

Religion 3005hf: Doctoral Colloquium in Religion, Gender, and Culture