2013-2014 Pre-Approved Courses

The following FAS courses were pre-approved for WGS concentration credit in the 2013-2014 academic year. If you would like to petition to count a course that does not appear on this list, please submit a copy of the syllabus to the director of undergraduate studies along with a completed petition form, which is available on the website or in the front office.

Fall 2013

African and African American Studies 108x: Exploring Race and Community in the Digital World (Martin)

African and African American Studies 109: Using Film for Social Change (Lipper)

African and African American Studies 121: Please, Wake Up! - Race, Gender, Class and Ethnicity in the Early Films of Spike Lee (Jeyifo)

African and African American Studies 214: Ethnography of the African Diaspora: Race, Gender and Power (Beliso-DeJesus)

Anthropology 2765: Gender in Conflict: Violence, Militarism and War (Theidon)

English 90co: Sex and Gender in the Age of Enlightenment: Seminar (Gustafson)

French 90w: "Bad" Women in French Literature (tbd)

Government 1545: Gender and Politics (Scholzman)

Government 2340a and HKS SUP 921: Proseminar on Inequality and Social Policy I (Skocpol and Jencks)

Government 94of: Law and Politics in Multicultural Democracies (Liviatan)

History 1462: History of Sexuality in the Modern West (Cott) 
(Note: This course counts for WGS 1200, the WGS history foundation course. )

History 1981: A Cultural History of the U.S. Military: World War I to the Present: Conference Course (Mesok)

History 2474: Law and Social Reform in 20th Century U.S. History: Seminar (Brown-Nagin)

History and Literature 90an: God Save the Queen! Ruling Women from Rome to the Renaissance (Gilsdorf)

History of Science 112: Magic, Medicine and Miracles: Health and Healing in the Middle Ages and Renaissance (Park)

History of Science 237: Postgenomics (Richardson)

History of Science 279v: Freud and His Legacies: Readings in the History of Psychoanalysis (Lunbeck)

Human Evolutionary Biology 1275: Walk This Way: Sex Differences in Locomotion (Warrener)

Human Evolutionary Biology 1310: Hormones and Behavior (Hooven)

Human Evolutionary Biology 1380: Behavioral Biology of Women (Durgavich)

Japanese Literature 133: Gender and Japanese Art (McCormick)

Religion 1844: Religion, Gender, Identity in 21st Century Diasporic Muslim Fiction (Ahmed)

Religion 2550: Women and Religion in Contemporary America: Seminar (Braude)

Social and Behavioral Sciences 506 (HSPH) Theories of Disease Distribution & Health Inequities: History, Politics, & Public Health (Krieger)

Sociology 107: The American Family (White)

Sociology 27: Introduction to Social Movements (Viterna)

Sociology 98Fa: Identity and Difference (Fee)

Spanish 182: Bodies in Crisis: Contemporary Puerto Rican Literatures (Chaar-Perez)

Visual and Environmental Studies 149: Queer Visuality, Visualizing Queer--Studio Course (Lord)

Women, Gender, and Health 210 (HSPH) Women, Gender, and Health: Issues in Mental Health Perspectives (Gottlieb)

Women, Gender, and Health 211 (HSPH) Gender and Health: Introductory Perspectives (Missmer)\

Spring 2014

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 47: Forbidden Romance in Modern China (Wang)

African and African American Studies 104: Witchcraft, Rituals and Colonialism (Beliso-DeJesus)

African and African American Studies 118: The History of African Americans From the Slave Trade to the Great Migration (Jackson)

African and African American Studies 134x. “How Sweet is it to be Loved By You”: Black Love and the Emotional Politics of Respect (Morgan and Kincaid)

Anthropology 1619/Visual and Environmental Studies 161n: Cinema and Desire: Studio course (Castaing-Taylor and Guest)

Anthropology 1882: The Woman and the Body (Greenhalgh)

East Asian Film and Media Studies 130: In Her Shadow: "Woman" in Modern Korean History, Literature, and Film (Shim)

East Asian Film and Media Studies 205: Sexuality, Gender, and Media Culture in Japan (Zahlten)

English 141: The 18th-Century English Novel (Gustafson)

English 90ew: Early Women Writers: Seminar (Rozenski)

Folklore and Mythology 172: Quilts and Quiltmaking (Lufkin)

French 188: They Write in French from Egypt, Lebanon, and the Maghreb: Feminine Voices (Priam)

French 70b: Introduction to French Literature II. 19th and 20th Centuries: Tales of Identity (Beizer)

Freshman Seminar 39o: Childhood and Children's Literature (Gustafson)

Freshman Seminar 39q: The Literature of Multi Ethnic America (Neutill)

Freshman Seminar 44m: Girls on the Green: Women and the University in the United States (More)

Freshman Seminar 48e: Health and Mental Health in Everyday Life (Ruggie)

Government 94al: Global Distributive Justice (Gallagher)

Government 94oa: Inequality and American Democracy (Skocpol)

History 60f: "Nothing Pleases Me": Understanding Modern Middle Eastern History Through Literature (Mitter)

History 1987: Gender and Race in Colonial South and Southeast Asia: Conference Course (Gouda)

History of Science 138: Sex, Gender, and Evolution (Richardson)

History of Science 179v: The Freudian Century (Lunbeck)

History of Science 250: Readings in Women's Bodies in Medicine (Jou)

Human Evolutionary Biology 1310: Hormones and Behavior (Hooven)

Japanese Literature 124: The Tale of Genji in Word and Image (McCormick)

Medieval Studies 227: Hildegard of Bingen and the Gospels: Seminar (Kienzle)

Psychology 1009. Psychology of Women (Noll)

Psychology 1054. Psychology of Sexual Orientation (Lehmiller)

Psychology 1503: Psychology of Close Relationships (Parker)

Religion 3005: Doctoral Colloquium in Religion, Gender, and Culture

Social Studies 98kb: Gender in Developing Nations (Healy-Clancy)

Societies of the World 44: Human Trafficking, Slavery and Abolition in the Modern World (Patterson)

Spanish 141: Gender, Writing, and Subalternity in the Americas (Rabasa)

United States in the World 26: Sex and the Citizen: Race, Gender, and Belonging in the United States (Light)