2014-2015 Pre-Approved Courses

The following FAS courses were pre-approved for WGS concentration credit in the 2014-2015 academic year.If you would like to petition to count a course that does not appear on this list, please submit a copy of the syllabus to the director of undergraduate studies along with a completed petition form, which is available on the website or in the front office.

Fall 2014

African and African American Studies 108x: Exploring Race and Community in the Digital World (Martin)

African and African American Studies 111: Spectral Fictions, Savage Phantasms: Race and Gender in Anti-Racist South African and African American Drama, Fiction and Film (Jeyifo)

African and African American Studies 117x: Of Mean Streets and Jungle Fevers: Race, Gender and Ethnicity in Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee (Jeyifo)

African and African American Studies 178: Health, Society, and Subjectivity in the American Context (Ralph)

Anthropology 1606: Being Asian American: Representations and Realities (Yano)

Anthropology 1988: Kinship, Citizenship, and Belonging: Seminar (Meiu)

Economics 980x: Economics of Work and Family (Goldin)

English 145a: Jane Austen’s Fiction and Fans (Lynch)

French 180: "The Words to Say It": Women Writing in French from Colette to Satrapi (Jardine)

Freshman Seminar 22l: Justice in Health: Ethics of Public Health in the Contemporary World (Bayoumi)

Freshman Seminar 35w: Sex, Gender, Shakespeare (Graham)

Freshman Seminar 48e: Health and Mental Health in Everyday Life (Ruggie)

History 2426: Topics in the History of Gender and Sexuality: Research Seminar (Cott)

History 2474: Law and Social Reform in 20th Century U.S. History: Seminar (Brown-Nagin)

History and Literature 90bc: We the Readers: Reading Communities in Early America (Brady)

History of Science 108: Bodies, Sexualities, and Medicine in the Medieval Middle East (Ragab)

History of Science 130: Heredity and Reproduction (Richardson)

Japanese Literature 271: Topics in Gender and Culture in Japan: Seminar (Yoda)

Religion 1060: Hindu Goddesses and the Virgin Mary (Clooney)

Religion 1554: The Religious History of American Women: Seminar (Braude)

Religion 1842: Religion, Gender, Identity: Readings in Arab and Muslim Autobiography: Seminar (Ahmed)

Religion 2488: Queer Theology, Queer Religions (Jordan)

Religion 46: The Letters of Paul: Ethnicity, Sex, Ethics, and the End of the World (Nasrallah)

Sociology 158: Sex, Gender, Sexuality (Meadow)

Sociology 165: Inequalities in Health Care (Ruggie)

Sociology 22: Men, Women, and Work (Brinton)

Spring 2015

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 52: Repression and Expression: Sexuality, Gender, and Language in Fin-de-siecle Literature and Art (Burgard)               

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 61: The Romance: From Jane Austen to Chick Lit (Schlossberg)

African and African American Studies 109: Using Film for Social Change (Lipper)

African and African American Studies 153x: Hiphop America: Hiphop Feminism From "Ladies First" to "Ride or Die" (Morgan)

Classical Studies 152: The Construction of Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greece (Weiss)

Culture and Belief 61: Gender and Science: From Marie Curie to Gamergate (Richardson)

English 154: Literature and Sexuality (Burt)

Folklore and Mythology 154: Folklore and Gender (Lowthorp)

Folklore and Mythology 172: Quilts and Quiltmaking (Lufkin)

German 105: Women's Voices in German Medieval Literature (Kirakosian)

Government 94oa: Inequality and American Democracy (Skocpol)

Harvard Divinity School 2021: Motherhood in Jewish, Culture, Law, and Historical Experience (Greenblatt)

History 1014: Gender, Empire and the Politics of Appearance (Clutario)

History 1462: History of Sexuality in the Modern West (Cott)
(During the 2014-15 academic year, WGS concentrators may take this in place of the history foundation course, WGS 1200.)

History and Literature 90bg: Colonialism, Globalization, and Culture in Asian Diaspora(s) (Clutario)

History of Science 146v: Bodies in Flux: Medicine, Gender, and Sexuality in the Modern Middle East (Bayoumi)

Human Evolutionary Biology 1310: Hormones and Behavior (Hooven)

Japanese Literature 162: Girl Culture, Media, and Japan (Yoda)

Psychology 1503: Psychology of Close Relationships (Parker)

Religion 1009: Religion, Gender, and Politics in Transnational Perspective (Braude, Ahmed)

Religion 1019: Women, Gender and Religion in Colonial North America and the United States (Brekus)

Religion 1447: From Saint to Witch: Female Spirituality in the European Middle Ages (Kirakosian)

Religion 3005: Doctoral Colloquium in Religion, Gender, and Culture (tba)

Social Studies 98kb: Gender in Developing Nations (Healy-Clancy)

Sociology 149: Masculinities: Global Perspectives (Moon)

Sociology 27: Introduction to Social Movements (Viterna)