COVID-19 FAQs for WGS Students

March 31, 2020
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The following questions and answers are intended to provide guidance to undergraduate students enrolled in WGS courses during the Spring 2020 COVID-19 outbreak. 

May I receive a letter grade for my Spring 2020 WGS courses? 

No. The College has instituted Emergency Sat/Emergency Unsat (SEM/UEM) grading for all undergraduate courses during Spring 2020. Read more about the new policy here.  

Will my Spring 2020 WGS courses count for the WGS concentration and secondary field, even though they are graded SEM/UEM? 

Yes! Given the global emergency caused by the Coronavirus and the turmoil caused by the evacuation of our campus, we will relax the rules limiting the number of Sat/Unsat courses you may take for your concentration or secondary field. 

Will my thesis be graded Emergency Sat/Emergency Unsat? 

No. Since honors theses reflect work that was done prior to the COVID-19 quarantine, they will still be honors-eligible and will be evaluated using the Latin Honors grading system.   

What are the requirements for receiving an Emergency Sat? 

Your instructors will provide guidelines describing what you must do to earn an Emergency Sat. In general, you will be required to do the following: 

  1. Complete all course assignments. 
  2. Participate in all required course meetings. 

If your circumstances make it difficult for you to complete assignments or participate in course meetings, please let your instructor know so that they can adapt the assignments or find alternative ways for you to participate. If you still find that you cannot complete the course, please let your Resident Dean know as soon as possible. 


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