Durba Mitra in the News!

March 19, 2018

WGS Professor Durba Mitra was featured in the Pakistani press for the international workshop she co-organized, Knowledge Architectures: Lahore.This workshop was held as part of her work with the group XPMethod, a group of scholars committed to accessible digital archives across the globe, particularly for the global south. The workshop launched the digitization efforts for one of South Asia's largest and most rare archives, the Punjab State Archives, with hopes to open over 300 years of extraordinary archival materials to scholars worldwide. This is the second workshop held by XPmethod, with the first workshop held in Mumbai, India. XPMethod workshops analyze the relationship between knowledge, physical archives, practices of mass-digitization, and accessibility of digital repositories to scholars and activists across boundaries. The group argues for unfettered access to knowledge and works to empower people to re-think, re-mix and re-use their cultural heritage. XPMethod workshops create conversations about the ethics and politics of new archival practices in the global south.

The links for the workshop coverage in the press: 

The Daily Times

The Express Tribune

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