Marya Mtshali Quoted in MarketWatch

August 11, 2020
Portrait of Marya Mtshali

WGS professor Marya Mtshali was quoted in a MarketWatch aticle about why Asian and Black Americans continue to experience COVID-19-related discrimination. "We have these historical racist images of these two groups that have been a part of our country for a long time, and we have the current realities of what’s going on with COVID-19. Both of these are influencing the experiences that Asian Americans and Black Americans are reporting," says Mtshali in the article.

This year, Professor Mtshali is teaching two WGS courses that examine the intersection between gender and race: WOMGEN 1278 Interracial Intimacy: Sex, Race, and Romance in the U.S. and WOMGEN 1274 Gender, Race, and Poverty in the United States. Please join us in congratulating Professor Mtshali for her scholarship and teaching on this important topic. 

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