Phyllis Thompson in the New Yorker Online

December 7, 2016

WGS Professor Phyllis Thompson has penned an article, “The Dehumanizing Sexism of the Harvard Men’s Soccer Team’s ‘Scouting Report’,” for the New Yorker OnlineThompson wrote the piece in response to the news that the sexually explicit “Scouting Report” produced in 2012 by the Harvard Men’s Soccer Team and exposed by the Harvard Crimson was not a one-off, but a years-long tradition.

Thompson writes "At Harvard, I teach a class on feminism in the twenty-first century, and my students have sometimes expressed despondence, especially during this election cycle: How can they make a difference, given the magnitude and complexity of the obstacles women still face across the world? It’s a fair question. But I hope that they are heartened, as I am, by the eloquence and dignity their peers on the women’s soccer team have demonstrated in confronting the misogyny closest to home."


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