GenderSci Lab Research Appears in New York Times

June 8, 2021
Sarah S. Richardson (Photo by Tony Rinaldo)

The New York Times has published an article titled, "The Sperm-Count ‘Crisis’ Doesn’t Add Up," based on the research of Professor Sarah Richardson's GenderSci Lab. The study described in the article reanalyzed 2017 findings that claimed an over 50% decline in sperm counts specifically in “Western” countries. 

The GendeSci Lab deeply researched the subject using a distinctive interdisciplinary toolkit, ranging from epidemiology, endocrinology, and bioanthropology to history and philosophy of science and gender studies.  The result is a paper in the journal Human Fertility that offers a substantial corrective to scientifically unsound, racialized, and hyped claims about global patterns in men’s reproductive health. 

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