Eva Gillis-Buck

Eva Gillis-Buck

A.B. '12 Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality and Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology
photo of Eva Gillis-Buck

When I arrived at Harvard, I imagined a future for myself as the principle investigator of a biology laboratory. I became a Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology concentrator and loved learning about stem cells and molecular biology. After taking a WGS class my sophomore year, I was inspired to pursue both gender studies and a career in medicine. I was fascinated by the history and sociology of biomedical science, especially in the context of sex difference research.

I became a joint concentrator, and my senior thesis was an interdisciplinary project in developmental biology, history of science, and gender studies. This would not have been possible without the mentorship and encouragement of the WGS faculty and staff. I went on to complete a Master's in the History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge, and then I worked for a year as a lab technician back at Harvard while applying to medical school.

Now I am a medical student at the University of California, San Francisco, where I couldn't be happier. Medicine faces a challenging task: to take biological differences seriously without succumbing to stereotype, and to compare men and women without ignoring gender diversity. I am thankful for my training in WGS, which provided the tools to think critically about how our cultural beliefs influence biomedical knowledge, and vice versa.

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