Sandra Korn

Sandra Korn

A.B. '14
History and Science and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality
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In my first semester at Harvard, I took a class with Sarah Richardson about our post-genomic society. The seminar inspired me to joint concentrate in WGS and History and Science. I wrote my thesis with Sheila Jasanoff (in the HKS program on Science, Technology, and Society) about the relationship between gender, science, and politics in the sociobiology controversy of the 1970s.

WGS gave me such a unique academic experience, from taking a small History of Sexuality seminar with with the Matthiessen Visiting Professor, queer studies pioneer Henry Abelove, to attending the Duke Feminist Theory Workshop with a travel stipend. In WGS, undergrads got to work closely with professors who gave a lot of attention not only to our academic work, but also to our student organizing around labor rights, sexual assault, queer spaces, and other campus issues. 

After graduation, I moved to Durham, North Carolina where I found a job in the book acquisitions department at Duke University Press, a scholarly press that publishes 120 academic books every year, along with feminist and queer studies journals from differences to Transgender Studies Quarterly. As an Editorial Associate, I receive proposals from scholars across the world, coordinate peer review, write book summaries for our faculty board, and work with authors to prepare the materials needed to put their books into production.

At Duke Press, I've gotten to work with so many of the feminist and science studies scholars I read as a student. And on my very first day, one of my tasks was mailing the advance copies of Sarah Richardson's new book to her co-editor! It was so nice to come full circle and realize how perfectly my experience in WGS prepared me for a career in academic publishing.

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