Gender/Sex, Social Neuroendocrinology, and Feminist/Queer Science -- talk by Sari van Anders


Thursday, April 19, 2018, 4:00pm


Plimpton Room, Barker Center 133, 12 Quincy St.

Sari van AndersIn this talk, van Anders describes how her research in social neuroendocrinology and sexuality is built with and makes feminist and queer science. She will discuss how she came to develop “gender/sex”, and highlight its promise for a bioscience and accounts of lived experience that take both biomateriality and social constructions seriously.

Harvard's 2017-18 Gender and Sexuality Seminar Series - Sex/Gender: Theory into Practice - engages feminist theorists, science studies scholars, and practicing scientists in conversation about the constructs of “sex” and “gender” in biological and health science research, highlighting the work of researchers who devise innovative ways to analyze gender in intersectional biomedical research.

 A  pre-seminar reading group, open to the public, will meet a week before each speaker. For details and readings, or with other questions, please email


Sari van Anders, Associate Professor, Psychology & Women's Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, is a social neuroendocrinologist whose research focuses on sexuality, gender/sex, and sexual diversity.  Her award-winning research has examined the social modulation of testosterone via gendered contexts.  In her theoretical work, van Anders has innovated new frameworks and methods for understanding gender and sexual diversity, as well as for the practice of feminist and queer bioscience.


Part of the Sex/Gender: Theory into Practice Seminar Series.