GenderSci Lab Piece Featured in Science

June 10, 2022
GenderSci Lab thumbnail

Professor Sarah Richardson's GenderSci Lab has a piece out in this week’s issue of Science on “Law, Policy, Biology, and Sex.” This Policy Forum article "documents how law and policy makers are increasingly drawing on biological concepts of sex to support a range of often discriminatory legal aims....[and offers] recommendations for researchers on how to conduct ethical and responsible research on sex-related variables in light of this broader context."

For more information,  GenderSci Lab's blog has published a post further explaining their findings. You can also read more on this Twitter thread as well as the full article.

Professor Richardson directs the GenderSci Lab, an interdisciplinary feminist research group that works to advance the intersectional study of gender in the biomedical and allied sciences, counter bias and hype in sex difference research, and enhance public discourse surrounding the sciences of sex and gender. Her latest book is The Maternal Imprint: The Contested Science of Maternal-Fetal Effects from University of Chicago Press.

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